PROTEX Soft flow high temperature fabric dyeing machine is designed and manufactured with the latest state of the art technology for the dyeing knitted and wovenfabrics. LOW LIQUOR RATIO DYEING Hi -Tech Designed 3 Dimensional U Shape fabric through together with a brand new liquor circulation circuit employing circulation pump with low pressure and high flux. Dyeing Costs are reduced to a large extent due to much lower consummations of dyestuff and / or auxiliary and so are water and steam as well. QUALITY DYEING According to fabric quality and its characteristics, high volume, low pressure overflow type round nozzles are also used to achieve best penetration of dye liquor into the fibers or fabric structure thus resulting in the highest quality Dyeing. HIGH CAPACITY/ HIGH PRODUCTIVITY Shortened circulation cycle, faster speed of the running piece can achieve excellent colour leveling and thus reducing the possibility of repeated dyeing to the lowest. PROTEX Soft flow high temperature fabric dyeing machine present the latest technical achievement in dyeing both knitted and woven fabric to produce high quality level materials at an economical cost. SIMPLE OPERATION / NO FABRIC ENTANGLEMENT the bottom sieve is Teflon -lined to allows smooth running of the fabric along its passage. Possibility of the fabric entanglement is near to none.

Standard Features

* Fabric chamber with bottom sieve lined with Teflon.
* Fabric lifting systems with variable speed drive. (0 To 300 m /min.) controlled by frequency inverter.
* Funnel type special design nozzle.
* Rinsing system with control valves.
* Highly efficient heat exchanger.
* Standard dosing tank with injector pump, valves and with Agitator.
* Pneumatic control valves for heating and cooling system.
* Heavy duty stainless steel -centrifugal pump with mechanical seal.
* Machine shell and all parts made of AISI 316/316L. Highly corrosion resistance stainless steel.
* Take off reel. * Magnetic type level indicator.
* Stainless steel platform.
* Liquor Ratio is 1:3.
* Low Consumption Of Power.
* Less labour work.
* Improved quality of dyeing fabric APPEARANCE.
* Reduced production cost.
* High productivity.


* Special j-Box models, provide a non tangle effects which it make possible to design the Chamber capacity of 100 kg./125 Kg /150Kg/300 kg.
* RMC- Automatic machine cleaning system.
* Fabric Speed up to 300 m/min.; more contact time; more levelness in dye process.
* Easy Operation / fast maintenance, because of compact design.
* Large Inspection Port, easy to handle, easy for loading, unloading and sampling.
* Low Track, make possible to run high speed devoid of any fabric’s direction.
* Perfect Dyeing Quality, large penetration in Nozzle system assured and more efficient opening the fibers with the new designed Fabric Carrier Pipe after the nozzle.
* Gentle/Care Application, for special surface” constriction of heavy fabric up to 400 Gsm.
* Higher Capacity heat Exchanger, heating up to 4°C /min.
* Ecology, low liquor ratio, high exhaust rate, less residual dye stuffs & chemicals in waste water are significant advantage to achieve environmental and ecological commitments.


PROTEX Soft Flow High Temperature fabric Dyeing Machine is able to process fabric in the range 80 Gsm up to 400 Gsm. weight . Machine is available in various capacities starting from 25 kg. up to 2000 kg . on high temperature design. Machine body and all wetted parts are made of high corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI 316/316L.

Basic machine * Maximum working Temperature 135° C. * Maximum working pressure 3.5 bar. * Heating rate : 25°C – 100°C average 4° C / . min.
100° C -130° C average 2° C/min. ( dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar) * Cooling rate : 130° C- 100° Caverage 3° C / min. 100° C -85° C average 2° C /min. ( Cooling water at 3 bar 25° C)